Our Adwords Strategy

Effective use of keywords – We analyze the performance of our clients’ keywords and campaigns to improve the visibility and click through rate (CTR) of each ad. We use keyword research and planning tools to help us determine the keywords that are providing the best returns. The low performing ads are retired and the marketing dollars are reallocated to the better performers. We repeat this process on a regular basis to ensure only the most effective ads are being run.
The strategy for our clients includes the use of exact, phrase, and broad search matches to get the most visibility as possible. Exact and phrase matches will present their ad to users that are looking for higher volume search terms, while broad matches can greatly expand the breadth and reach of their ads by matching similar search terms and phrases allowing discovery of new potential markets.

Broad Matching

This is an example of how to leverage broad matching.
search term: flower arrangement
exact/phrase match: “flower arrangement” – users will see results for websites with this exact search phrase
broad match:
flower arrangement
floral arrangement
arranging flowers
– many similar phrases are matched
Exact and phrase matches are great for high volume search terms, and broad matches are more useful for increasing visibility on lower volume queries. Broad matching is also a great way to discover similar search terms that can relate to a business in a whole new way.

Long Tail Keywords

We also employ long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are short phrases, usually three to four words, that are very specific to a client’s needs. They are very precise and tend to be be much lower in search volume, but have very high conversion rates as the customers who type these phrases are well versed with their subject and more likely to be looking for someone who provides that special need now!
“hybrid cars”
avg monthly searches 10k – 100k / medium competition / $6.73 suggested bid
This search term is so broad that we would be competing with the largest sites for traffic and spending a huge amount to get these keywords.
“cars with more than 50 mpg” – 10-100 / low competition / no suggested bid
Although, the average monthly search volume for this longtail keyword is much much lower than a more generic search, the competition is very low and so this can be great for a client’s budget as well as prominent Adwords placement rank. Customers searching for this very specific item have a much larger chance to convert into sales as these precise searches are generally made after a customer has a more detailed plan and ready to execute.

Other Adwords Strategies

Setting bid prices – some very large monthly volume keywords have such a high bid price that it is economically impractical for the return it might offer. We modify a client’s bids based on their budget, setting lower bids, if necessary, for these premium searches and increasing bids in other search queries, fine tuning their Adwords strategy to return the most visibility and customer clicks for their budget.
Scheduling ads – we make sure our clients’ ads are running at the right times and displayed in the right geographical locations! This will save time and money making sure a client’s business is open and can respond when customers call. Setting location parameters is especially useful so that a client can reach the audience that is most likely to use their services. This technique is very helpful when potential customers are using mobile devices to find a business.
Adwords Quality Score – we are always trying to improve this score as the higher this score is, the better chance an ad will rank at the top of the search results for the most important keywords. As in SEO page ranking, a similar competition hierarchy exists for Google Adwords. Maintaining a high quality score is one of the factors that can influence this algorithm. There are many factors involved in the calculation of this score, but three items most probably impact it the most. These are: keyword click through rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page experience.
A higher Quality Score can result in more impressions at lower costs as average search position naturally increases, lowering the cost per click.

Effective Adwords = More Business

Adwords offers us a wealth of tools and live customer data, providing us with more SEO keyword power at our disposal to turn searches into views, views into clicks, and converting those clicks into customers. Schedule a free consultation with us today and see how Adwords can be used to grow your business.