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Part 1 – Shared Hosting

Part 2 – WordPress

Now that you have your web hosting provider selected, it’s time to make some fundamental choices about the website itself. The first question is always “what technology do we use?”. The answer is likely going to be WordPress. Over 70 million websites run on WordPress or roughly 25% of the entire internet.** There is a massive ecosystem built upon the WordPress platform and it would be silly to try to recreate all this functionality on your own.
All web hosting providers provide a WordPress-specific plan that is tailored to WordPress websites. The providers have optimized these plans to serve WordPress sites and make it super simple to start your own. Here are some examples:

WordPress’ success can be linked to its massive plug-in library. There are over 53,000 plug-ins and each can be installed with a few clicks. Whatever functionality your company needs for its websites chances are there are multiple plug-ins that will do the job. Here is a sampling of the plug-ins we utilize for our clients:

  • Contact Form 7
  • UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Yoast SEO
  • ZenCache

The other shortcut WordPress provides is its templating system. WordPress has provided a templating specification that any designer can follow. The outcome is a vast library of templates. Each template allows you to pick the look-and-feel that matches your company’s needs. Redesigning a website is as simple as applying a new theme. Here are some template libraries you can explore:

WordPress has successfully built a massive ecosystem and website owners are the primary beneficiary from all the innovation happening in this area.
** Forbes How WordPress Ate The Internet in 2016… And The World in 2017