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Part 3 – Dedicated Servers

Earlier we discussed shared hosting and its advantages: cheap, easy to setup, and easy to administer. The biggest downside to shared hosting is speed. Since your website is hosted on a server with potentially hundreds of other websites it is very likely that your website will react slowly and it will be impossible to predict when that will happen. When your website becomes important enough to your business that millisecond response times start to matter, it is time to start considering a dedicated server.
Dedicated servers are a powerful solution for your company’s website. The biggest reason to upgrade to a dedicated server is to achieve more predicable response times. Since there is no one else sharing your computing resources, the only reason for a slowdown in response times is if your website starts attracting more traffic. This is a good problem to have and any easy one to fix: you just upgrade your dedicated server.
There are a lot of choices to make and having an experienced technology partner to advise on the various options will make this decision a lot easier. Some of the options to consider include operating system, processing power, memory, network speed, disk space, disk technology, and management software. Schedule a free consultation with us today and see how Dedicated Servers can be used to grow your business.